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Sylvie and Florent DescombeWine…a lifestyle to share

Vins Descombe, a story of passion and experience that has been continuing since 1905, year of foundation. Today, representing the fourth generation, I am proud to offer a selection of quality wines that will allow you to discover our beautiful regions.

You will find pleasant flavors resulting from a diversity of climate and soils that are found in the different regions of Appellation Protégées (Designation origin) in France. Note the new connotation, Product Designation Origin, or Appellation d’Origine Protégée, which replaces Appellation d’Origine Controllée. We took the time to select AOP wines with interesting personalities, fineness, and a reasonable price. We have also met every producer; their expertise, passion and terroir, reflected in the characteristics of their wines, are to be discovered without delay.

Vins de table, now named Vins de France, combine efforts and determination from our producers. The quality of their wines allows us to blend unique French Wines that will satisfy your needs.

Our “Alcohol and Spirits” selection will satisfy your taste for strong alcohols that have character. Our requirements in term of quality remain active in order to bring you the best possible satisfaction.

Do not forget to visit our website frequently to remain updated on our “favorite”, packaging, boxes, and the evolution of our wine selections.

Looking forward to meeting you, maybe during a trip in the Beaujolais country, we wish you a pleasant visit, good choices, and an enjoyable tasting.

Best regards,
                                                       Florent Descombe


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Chiroubles 2008/2010

Chiroubles 2008/2010


13% vol.d'alc

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  Vins Descombe - 462, Rue du Beaujolais - 69460 Saint Etienne des Oullières
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